Strategy Design

We support clients to set up a joint sales and marketing strategy helping them to reach customers and then convert opportunities into real clients. This guides both the sales and marketing teams in the day-to-day business, lays out common objectives and in which way to best reach them - together. 

A strategy gives organizations, irrespective of their size, guidance for alignment and is the main foundation for sales as well as marketing teams to achieve their performance objectives.

In our experience, sales and marketing departments very often work alongside of each other instead of working together, thus wasting valuable company resources.

By utilizing our proven methodology, we can help businesses build a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy. Additionally, we also help in the implementation process and do not „just leave“ after the ideation project was finalized and concluded. The basis of our work is laid out in the methodology which applies extremely well to the strategy ideation as well as the implementation and monitoring phase of strategy work.

Often during the strategy design process, supporting workstreams will come up as the alignment topic is the starting point of a more intensive strategy discussion. Here, topics such as growth strategy will come into play and this might also include restructuring of sales organizations and sales teams.

With our extensive experience, we can also help and support by offering guidance in the deployment process for growth projects and subsequent reorganizations. We call these parallel workstreams „sntn plus“.

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