Project Management

Project Management at sntn starts by defining what a project actually is because most so-called „projects“ in companies and organisations are actually day-to-day-operations. A project needs to fulfill certain criteria and these are very often not met.

Once a business endeavour qualifies as a project, sntn then follows a proven methodology to confidently manage all kinds of different business projects. We apply the leading project management system PRINCE2 to effieciently guide clients through their projects and can hereby reduce risk and safeguard valuable company resources.

PRINCE2 also focuses greatly on documentation of lessons learned and project outcomes. This helps the sales team as well as other departments to learn from past projects and to apply latest knowledge.


What are the main benefits of this methodology?


  • Consistent Approach
  • Controlled Project Stages
  • Regular Progress Reviews
  • Flawless documentation
  • Involvement of top management only when necessary
  • Extremely flexible project set-up
  • Transparent communication during every project phase is assured