Business opportunities 2021!

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Also, many traditional B2B companies have also seized the opportunity oft he pandemic to re-think their existing business model, their processes, their role in society and their mission as an enterprise. Investement will surely be re-assessed, and possibly diverted/will divert into sectors/geographies that were not in focus a year ago.

Companies have also used the crisis to downsize/rightsize their operations and have focused more on top-line topics.

The same also applies to the employees. Many of them have also taken the time during the lockdowns to rethink about their career, get a different perspective on things and assess and evaluate their status.

This new thinking at management and employee level will without a doubt lead to new possibilities in 2021. The overall macronomic environment looks quite positive:

  • The main central banks are continuing their flexible monetary policies and funds are therefore available in abundance
  • Europe has been pushing ahead its international trade and investment agenda (Brexit-Deal, EU-Mercosur Agreement, EU-China-Investment-Agreement, etc.)
  • The United States will most probably return to the global playing field and will start to reclaim positions left to other nations during the past legislation
  • The post-Covid catch-up process will lead to a rise of consumption in a very large scale, especially in the most affected sectors of the economy (travel, leisure, gastronomy, luxury goods, etc.)

How can companies benefit?

  • Diversificiation by internationalization
  • Investments into safeguarding the business
  • Keep general staff overheads low by outsourcing routine jobs
  • Maintain managerial overheads low by cooperating with specialized companies for specific projects

This is where sntn comes in: we are your partner for strategic assessment and project deployment in an international business context. Count on us to accompany your company during the massive economic recovery coming our way in 2021!