Say no to no!

Throughout many years in the international business environment, our motto has always been to turn negativity into a positive challenge to go the extra mile. Our mission is to increase value of our customer's business by offering specific know-how, customized boutique services and a "no-nonsense" mindset.

sntn consulting + projects helps clients accelerate revenue growth, improve profitability, retain customers, add new customers and increase customer satisfaction through individually developed business projects.

We do not only consult and build great presentations for top management, we follow a hands-on-approach and also implement our ideas since we have a very strong focus on project management.

Our focus industries

Automotive OEM

Experience in passenger cars, powered 2-wheelers, truck & bus as well as off-highway applications form part of our specific expertise and we maintain a strong network of contacts.


Apart from automotive aftersales, we also transfer our knowledge to other aftersales segments and use best-practice know-how to your advantage.

Oil & Gas 

We possess specific strategic insight and a strong network within the oil & gas industry, especially in downstream lubricant distribution.

Process Industries

sntn provides you with expertise within the engineering and process industries. Our focus is mainly on sales and distribution, but through our cooperations we are able to offer a full range of consulting services.

Our core activities

Sales & Marketing



Status Quo evaluation of your current set-up and generation of a fitting strategy for your distribution and marketing mix. 

Market Research and Feasibility Studies


sntn is your local expert to evaluate market and business oportunities.

We assess project feasibilities and provide objective, fact-based feedback and solutions.

Business Growth and International Expansion


If you plan to expand your business we can help  to build your local base and support with contacts.

New trade agreements open new possibilities for business!

Customer Value and Market Segmentation


Do all your customers require the same level of services? Not really!

We help you to identify profitable clients and segment your portfolio so you can grow in the most promissing areas of your market.

Digitalisation, Innovation and Servitization

A product-based business model in B2B runs the risk of becoming obsolete when the offering is not supported by a service package.

sntn supports you in the transition to a hybrid business model by generating profitable additional income streams from services.

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